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our story

Valdir Milan

From a goal to a big dream, from a big dream to an achievement. On the 1st of May 1999 in Treze Tílias Valdir Milan and your wife Marlete Junges Milan founded the Orderilk thus starting a walk full of emotions!


new step

Start of manufacturing

With the aim of providing quality products and customer satisfaction, in 2004 the company started to manufacture its own coolers and other products, and after achievements and growth in the agricultural market.


national representation

Boumatic Partnership

Acquired national representation of the North American company BouMatic, then starting the sale of automated and technological milking machines, both to small and large milk producers in the country. The computerization of milking and herd in online systems, facilitating the management of properties, significantly attracted the entire market, providing even more business expansion.


new technologies

swine farming

Always devising new technologies to serve the agricultural sector, in 2016, Ordemilk began its activities in the swine industry, producing high quality equipment, having great acceptance in this market, thus resulting, once again, in a great advance and opportunity for growth, and since then the company has continued to expand and seek to satisfy the growing demand.



New Installations

As a family-owned company, the company is based on good customer service and employees, based on the following premises: trust and loyalty.

Currently, Ordemilk is the market leader in the country serving the entire national territory through its branches, having a specialized technical staff for the development of high quality products and responding to the needs of each consumer.



Treze Tílias – Santa Catarina
(49) 3537 0454



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